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Trash Room Odor Control & Cleaning

A clean Trash Room is the foundation of every Odor Control Program.

The rancid odors residents complain about aren’t just unpleasant, they contribute to indoor air pollution levels the EPA rates as the “highest risk to human health among all types of environmental problems”.

Don’t allow people to blame their recurring colds, allergic reactions, dizziness, watery eyes on your trash room. 

The answer is Ecolo Commercial and Residential Services! We install Ecolo’s advanced water-free XStreme Vapor Systems that use the same patent-pending reactive chemistries that eradicate, rather than mask transient odors. Ecolo offers a range of pneumatic delivery systems that can be configured to any trash room situation. They are low cost, low maintenance, versatile, and completely effective in managing smells related to the daily passage of garbage through your Trash Room facility.

Our team schedule regular pressure washing of your entire trash room facility, using our high-output (4500 PSI) nozzles and proprietary detergents and odor-canceling chemistries to neutralize offending odors. These cleanings guarantee a significant reduction of bio and chemical hazards, resulting in a healthier, more pleasant odor-free building environment.

Talk to your Ecolo Specialist today. We’ll design a worry-free, cost-effective, high-value program of customized services to answer your specific needs.


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