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Trash Chute Cleaning

Trash chute odors in your hallway? Leave the dirty work to us.

Garbage is a messy business, and the primary source of nearly all unpleasant building odors. Rotting organics are the worst offenders – but even damp paper will cause an awful stench when left standing. These smells concentrate at every collection point, permeating carpets, wall-coverings and furnishing with lingering and unpleasant smells.

Hallway trash stations and garbage chutes are prime offenders in this struggle against building odors! Ecolo provides a comprehensive trash chute cleaning service that includes degreasing, high-pressure washing and deodorizing by using customized equipment and trained professionals. In addition to repairing broken chute doors and hinges, we can also pressure wash garbage chute walls and dumpsters.

Ecolo GelTechTM hallway and trash station systems

Once the dirty work is done, we offer Ecolo GelTechTM systems to neutralize any lingering smells at their source. These non-obtrusive, wall-mounted units require no external power, and work in both small and large spaces. Ecolo GelTechTM systems employ a patent-pending blend of essential oil gels that break down odor molecules, providing relief that no perfume or masking agent can match.


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