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Dryer Vent Cleaning

A damp laundry room may be your first sign of fire risk.

Building fires, and the liabilities associated with them are serious. As a building manager, it is hard for you to stay on top of the watch-for signs that indicate your tenants have a developing situation: increased laundry room humidity, more frequent dryer motor and bearing breakdowns, complaints of long drying cycle times, or incompletely dried clothing and dryer dampers that refuse to open or close. At a minimum, dryer vents in your building require annual service – but please don’t leave this work to amateurs!

Ecolo Commercial & Residential Service Technicians work to NADCA’s Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance (DEDP) Standards – using a pre and post-testing protocol to verify that your venting systems work safely and efficiently. We vacuum out obstructions, and use special equipment to agitate and collect dryer debris from vent walls. We also conduct before-and-after pressure drop and flow rate measurements in compliance with industry standards.

This testing makes it possible for us to identify any pre-existing problems with your installed equipment. We’ll report any vent routing problems that slow airflows – adding to lint and dust accumulation. Ecolo’s testing equipment provides accurate data to determine the extent and urgency of identified problems, to help you justify the cost of any authorized changes.

And best of all, our low-cost Dryer Vent Maintenance Services help you stay ahead of situations.


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