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Experience Ecolo's New Generation of Scent Solutions
for Building Environment Enhancement

Ambient Scenting

Move beyond odor control – creating deep emotional connections with Ecolo’s scent systems 

You have done everything you can to enhance your building environment, from trash room odor control to interior and exterior cleaning. Or have you?

As one of the world’s leading pioneers in the development and global distribution of odor control technologies, Ecolo has proudly launched a new generation of ambient scenting systems and solutions, so you can receive building environment enhancement that you have never experienced before. The presence of Ecolo’s custom scents can bring to mind a feeling of calm and create a welcoming environment in areas as small as a restaurant reception to the largest hotels and shopping malls.

Why scenting can help?

In today’s competitive market, your guests want to feel special and welcome from the first moment when they are greeted at the door – and you have only a few seconds to register the impression in their minds. It’s been scientifically proven that scents can call up memories and bring powerful emotional connections almost instantaneously, because our olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system, an area closely associated with memories and feelings. Guests who are familiar with the atmosphere you provide, luxury or coziness, will look forward to the same familiarity from you on their next stay.

Why Ecolo Scent Solutions?

Ecolo proudly offers an expansive range of unique scenting blends with custom fragrance capability and industry leading odor remediation solutions. Our products are LEED qualified and one of the only manufacturers to have met the stringent UL EcoLogo Certification acknowledging one of the highest product health and safety profiles in the industry.

Ecolo scientists and engineers have developed a new generation of scenting systems by combining the latest findings in particle science and automation with indoor air quality best practice initiatives.

Our foundation is deeply rooted in the principles of staying ahead in product innovation, customer service experience, and quality assurance.

Explore The Power of Scent Marketing:

Retail – Invigorating your customers with a scent that enhances the shopping experience.

Hospitality – Creating memorable and impressive first impressions to guests.

Health and Wellness – Providing a welcome and relaxing atmosphere for patients and guests.

Real Estate – Creating a warm and inviting impression to clients visiting your properties.

Transportation – Providing a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere while enhancing commuter experience across your brand.

Fitness – Enhancing the environment with invigorating and clean scents for a more pleasurable experience.


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